"My littermates said I was too small..too weak. But I have proven them wrong. I've learned how to live for blood. Because that's the key. The only answer. I am leader of Bloodclan. I am Scourge. And I have won!"- Scourge

Scourge is a small black tom with one white paw and pale, icy-blue eyes and a torn left ear. He is known for wearing a collar studded with dog teeth and claws reinforced with dog teeth.


Current: Bloodclan

Past: Kittypet

Cause of Death: Killed by Firestar


Kittypet: Tiny

Rouge: Scourge

Leader: Scourge


Father: Jake

Mother: Quince

Brother: Socks

Sister: Ruby

Half-brothers: Firestar , Unnamed kits

Half-sisters: Princess , Unnamed kits


"We are taking over this territory now. I shall rule the forest as well as the town. But I understand that you may need some time to reflect on this. You have three days to leave- or meet my Clan in battle. I shall wait for your decision at dawn on the fourth day."- Scourge to Lionclan (modern), The Darkest Hour, page 235

"I hate being small...I'd grow if I could."- Scourge, The Rise of Scourge, page 5

"I try not to let it show, but it really hits me: nobody here has ever asked me what my name is. And you know what? I isn't 'Tiny'. Not anymore."- Scourge, The Rise of Scourge, page 57

"I must have ice in my veins to do what I just did. I expect the ice to melt...But it doesn't. It just gets colder and colder...And I welcome it."- Scourge, The Rise of Scourge, page 71

"Oh yes; blood is everything. But the only blood I'm interested in flows from my enemies. Look around you! These cats are bathed in blood. It soaks their fur and laps at their paws. This is why we survive! We are BLOODCLAN!"- Scourge to his littermates, The Rise of Scourge, page 74

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