"But this is my first-born and I want to decide his future...Make him a hero, please. Like you!"- Princess to Firestar about Cloudtail in Fire and Ice, page 220

Princess is a light brown tabby she-cat with a distinctive white chest and paws. She has soft fur and a thick tail.


Current: Kittypet

Age: Appoximatly 96 moons (8 years)


Kittypet: Princess


Father: Jake

Mother: Nutmeg

Brother: Firestar

Siblings: Unnamed kits

Half-brothers: ScourgeSocks

Half-sister: Ruby

Kits: Cloudtail, Unnamed kits


"You can't blame Princess, she doesn't really understand what Clan life is about. She's just seen some of the worst of it, and she doesn't like it."- Firestar  to Cloudtail about Princess, A Dangerous Path, page 263

"She's great. A god came to live in the next house- a yappy thing- but Princess soon let him know it was her territory. She sat in the fence and hissed at him till he went running for cover!"- Cody to Cloudtial about Princess, Dawn, page 31

"It sounds as if you enjoy life. I should go. They'll be worried if I don't go back, and I have many tiny mouths to feed. I can feel them moving inside of me."- Princess to Firestar , Fire and Ice, page 118

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