Nutmeg (KP) kittypet

"Just before her kits were born, she dreamed that one of them, a ginger tom, was standing on a huge rock...A vision of Firestar on the Great Rock?"- Firestar's Exclusive Trivia in Warriors App

Nutmeg is a brown and white tabby she-cat with green eyes.


Current: Kittypet


Kittypet: Nutmeg


Mate: Jake

Sons: Firestar , Unnamed kits

Daughters: Princess , Unnamed kits


"He fell asleep at last, but his dreams all carried the same scent, until he finally dreamed of his days as a kit. He remembered lying beside his mother's belly, curled in a bed softer than any forest moss with his brothers and sisters."- Narration describing Firestar's dreams, Fire and Ice, page 99

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