"I can't live as a warrior. But I'll always remember you. You've shown me a life that I've always dreamed about. But now I know where I truly belong."-Jake to Tallstar

Jake is a plump ginger tom with solf silky fur. He has a flame colored pelt and pale leaf-green eyes and a long-healed nick in one ear.


Current: Kittypet


Kittypet: Jake


Mates: Quince, Nutmeg

Sons: Firestar  , Scourge , Socks , Unnamed Kits

Daughters: Princess , Ruby , Unnamed Kits


"Just becuase I'm a kitttypet doesn't mean I don't have dreams of something else. I don't want to spend my whole life in the wild, but I'd like to explore beyond the fences, see how other cats live. I know every pawstep of the house-folk place and I'd like to go farther."- Jake to Tallstar, Tallstar's Revenge, page 335

"You would have been proud of your kits, my love. Strange that none of them have your ginger fur...But I see your spirit in them just the same."- Quince about Jake, Rise of the Scourge, page 13

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